Above is the diagram of an basic real time SAP system landscape in projects, and apart from that it varies from budget of clients as well they can have more systems as well like :

  • Development system
  • Quality System
  • Production System
  • Disaster recovery system
  • Sandbox system

Development System : 

  • All the clients objects will be developed in the development system.
  • Enhancements of the developed objects will also be done.
  • Unit testing of objects will be done by ABAP developer.
  • Testing is done with dummy and limited amount of data.

after completion of all these things Basis Team will shift the objects from Development system to Quality system.

Quality System : 

  • Testing of the objects will be done by functionals in the quality system.
  • huge amount of data will be used to test the objects.
  • functionals will make sure the objects are stable and bug free.

after completion of all these things Basis Team will shift the objects from Quality system to Production  system.

Production System : 

  • End users will be accessing the objects with the objects with business data.
  • A Bug or downtime will have an impact on the business.

Disaster recovery System : This system is used to maintain the backups of the object that are developed in development system in case of any outrage of other systems, The goal is to build in layers of protection and redundancy so SAP systems can be restored quickly with minimal data loss in the event of a disaster.

Sandbox System : it is an isolated SAP environment used for testing and development purposes with limited authorizations.

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